Services and Supports

The Programme Goals are to support and resource disadvantaged communities and marginalised target groups, to engage with relevant local and national stakeholders in identifying and addressing social exclusion and equality issues, to support individuals and marginalised target groups experiencing educational disadvantage so they can participate fully, engage with and progress through life-long learning opportunities through the use of community development approaches.

To engage with marginalised target groups/individuals and residents of disadvantaged communities who are unemployed but who do not fall within mainstream employment service provision, or who are referred to SICAP, to move them closer to the labour market and improve work readiness, and support them in accessing employment and self-employment and creating social enterprise opportunities.

Goal One:

CKLP Community Development staff will engage with individuals and groups in disadvantaged areas with the priority target groups.  The types and services provided are as follows:
Promotion of community engagement and stronger communities –
  • Outreach community development work targeted at North and South Kildare areas including pre-development work to assist new community groups.
  • Facilitated engagement with targeted community.  This action will focus on a number of themes including: community transport supports, promoting health communites, community based childcare and carer supports.
  • Engagement with local community groups including new and dormant in targeted areas to establish local activities to tackle social exclusion.
  • Support for the training of volunteer leaders in targeted areas to support the formation of youth clubs in disadvantaged areas.
Capacity Building Local Community Groups –
  • Specific training and thematic workshops for Local Community Groups; ie Anti-Racism & Disability Awareness workshops
  • Targeted practical community development supports for Local Community groups: ie Committee Skills & Funding workshops.
  • Targeted supports delivered to Local Community Groups to addressing financial hardship, the threat of homelessness affecting individuals and families in disadvantaged areas.
  • Sub contracting of community development supports to local Traveler Groups, including ongoing support to existing groups.
Support for participation in decision making structures –
  • Organising information workshops on participatory structures for Local Community Groups to facilitate participation.
  • Assisting Local Community Groups register with the Kildare Public Network, facilitating community consultation and providing lobbying skills training.
  • Supporting targeted members of local community groups from the most disadvantaged communities to undertake personal development initiatives by referring to Goal 2 supports.
  • Offering two 3rd  level leadership training courses: Community & Leadership and a Youth Leadership Programme.
  • Supporting the development of a panel of facilitators in collaboration with Kildare Volunteer Center.
  • Supporting the roll-out of the annual Kildare Social Inclusion Week and supporting the active participation of SICAP target groups.
Networking –
Collaborative initiatives through Networking & Community Development by  supporting strategic networks has proved very effective by working collaboratively with other key stakeholders in county Kildare where an inter agency approach is essential to support other SICAP activities:
  • Kildare Integration Strategy
  • Kildare Integration Network
  • County Community Development Network
  • National Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Framework
  • Strengthening Families Programme
  • Traveler and Roma Integration Strategy
  • Athy Inter Agency Group


Goal Two:

Training and supports will be provided to individuals in disadvantaged areas.  The types and services provided are as follows:
Disadvantaged Young People and Their Families –
  • Activities  will continue to be delivered in association with schools and youth organisations to provide developmental education supports to build resilience among children, young people and their families in disadvantage areas.  This will see a continuation of activities previously supported such as  Better Basics Reading Support Programme, IGNITE personal development programme, Breakfast/Homework Club, Summer Camps, Sports Inclusion Programmes for children and young people with disabilities. As well as new initiatives that will be developed in collaboration with Goal 1 outreach workers to support disadvantaged children and families.
  • The Youth Employment Programme  targets young unemployed individuals aged 18 – 25 years of age who are not engaged in education, employment or training.  Ongoing support will ensure the individuals become involved in the design of training programmes and developing relationships where the young person takes an active role in their personal action plan and for them to participate in youth employment projects and workshops.
Information and Outreach –
  • Information Fairs are run on a quarterly basis across County Kildare.  Fairs have been held previously in Athy, Newbridge, Maynooth and Kildare Town.  These fairs are also attended by a host of organisations.  The client avails of a number of supports under one roof and the services have the opportunity to meet new clients.
Promoting personal development and well being – 
Supporting Integration in Kildare – In collaboration with Goal 1
  • Working on a one to one basis with individuals and family members prior to and during their transition from the Direct Provision Centre
  • Facilitating interaction with local services and assisting the individual to ensure a smooth transition out of direct provision
  • Support and assisting individuals to access further education and employment supports services in conjunction with agencies
  • Liaising with statutory and non statutory services to address obstacles to transition
  • Liaising with local intercultural and community groups to support individuals and to encourage integration and participation in civic and local community li
  • Mojo Programme –
The Mojo project is an inter agency programme developed to provide a coordinated response to men who are in distress because of the recession and unemployment.  Mojo Kildare is an evidence based early intervention programme in suicide prevention among men at risk.  The programme involves wellbeing and resilience, life planning, physical fitness and a male space that supports networking.
Lifelong Learning –
  • Finding Your Feet –
Finding Your Feet is a personal development programme which aims to engage with unemployed people and help them move forward through action planning, training and positive group engagement.  The programme includes; Assertiveness training, building self esteem, certified manual handling and CV & Interview Skills Workshops.
  • Introduction to Computers –
A basic computer course is available to participants to build confidence and basic skills for everyday usage and it encourages participants towards QQI courses.  The course includes; MS Office products, Internet, Emailing and attachments etc.
  • Community Coaching Programme –
County Kildare LEADER Partnership in collaboration with Kildare Sports Partnership have introduced a Community Coaching Programme.  The programme attracts unemployed individuals to engage in a personal development programme and also provides the opportunity to achieve a coaching certificate in a range of sports and develop their job seeking skills.
Progression to Employment –
  • Career Skills Course –
The Career Skills Course has proved extremely popular with unemployed individuals and can be run in any area where there is a group of potential participants. The course includes; personal development, manual handling, healthy food made easy and a QQI Level 3 career preparation module.
  • Industry Certified Courses –
County Kildare LEADER Partnership has agreed with agencies such as DEASP and KWETB to focus on specific industry certified courses such as safe pass, manual handling, food safety & HACCP, guarding skills, door security, home repair & maintenance and first aid.  These courses provide opportunities for unemployed individuals to participate in further training and help in seeking full and part time employment.
  • Accredited Courses –
County Kildare LEADER Partnership is currently sponsor to three Local Training Initiative Projects which offer full QQI Level 3 and  Major 4 Awards in Employability Skills and Retails Skills.  These coiurses are funded by KWETB and are aimed at 18-35 year olds without a Leaving Certificate.
  • Job Seeking Supports –
County Kildare LEADER Partnership offers unemployed clients the opportunity to attend a CV Workshop and to receive assistance with a professional CV.  The Jobs Kildare workshop is another workshop which provides confidence building and motivational interview techniques for unemployed individuals who have been seeking unemployment without success.
Employer Links –
  • Kickstart –
Kickstart connects people with employers through work placement and job seeking skills training and work placements.  Participants will receive six weeks training prior to the placement helping them progress towards employment.
  • Self Employment Supports –
County Kildare LEADER Partnership provides self employment supports to unemployed individuals who are referred by DEASP and are eligible and interested in self employment. These supports include:
-Registration and Information support following DEASP referral
-Pre Enterprise Training (three days)
-26 week Business Development Programme (CE Scheme)
-Mentoring and assistance with the BTWEA/STEA application process
-Post start up themed enterprise events including networking, workshops and training
-12 month and 24 month follow up to identify support needs
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