Community Outreach Workers – North & South Kildare


The Community Outreach workers cover North and South Kildare with a focus on disadvantaged areas. They can visit your group to explain SICAP supports that they can offer and see how they can support your community group.

Linda and Nicola  can help community groups to consult with those experiencing social exclusion,  or indeed help groups experiencing social exclusion to consult about their needs or issues.

If you want to establish a new community group in your area or strengthen an existing community group with some new training or some new activity and generate some new ideas and enthusiasm, please contact Nicola or Linda. They can also show your group how to network and take action on your group’s issues.

We can help you to :

  • form a group,
  • build group skills to run a meeting,
  • understand the governance code,
  • recruit new members,
  • develop a simple action plan
  • and much more


If you would like to contact your area community worker :


Contact Linda for North Kildare                            Contact Nicola for South Kildare

Linda Walsh                                                         Nicola Hogarty                            

086-6080012                                                        086-0208666