Kildare is the first county in Ireland to develop an Inclusion Strategy for Traveller and Roma communities who experience high degrees of exclusion and disadvantage in Irish society.

The Development of the Strategy was led by Kildare Local Community Development Committee (LCDC),  managed by County Kildare LEADER Partnership and Kildare Traveller Roma Interagency Steering Group.  Funding for the development of the Strategy was made available by Kildare County Council and by County Kildare LEADER Partnership under the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP).

The development of a Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy was a key action in the SICAP 2018 – 2022 Plan for County Kildare under the thematic area of Collaborative Engagement.  A significant part of the process included the involvement of state agencies at a senior management level and provision for representation of the Traveller and Roma Communities.

County Kildare LEADER Partnership seconded an Outreach Community Development Worker to Kildare Traveller Action  and seconded Roma Outreach Community Development Workers from Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre to support members of the both communities actively participate in a consultation process.

Through a series of one-to -one engagement, focus groups, questionnaires, case studies and online surveys a high number of Travellers, Roma and Kildare based Service Providers contributed to the development of the final Strategy

Kildare Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy 2019 – 2023 offers an ambitious series of actions across agreed strategic priorities that, collectively, will lead to delivery of positive outcomes for the Traveller and Roma communities. Whilst the implementation strategy will be driven by the Interagency Steering group, it is wholly dependent on the cooperation and collaboration of all agencies that interact with, engage with and provide services for Traveller and Roma people and access to additional resources. In order to ensure that the Strategy delivers practical and real change for the people whom it represents.

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