What is HEASDUP Kildare?

HEADSUP is an evidence based mental health education and training programme for men who are finding life stressful, have issues with unemployment, feel isolated or lonely and wish to explore and learn positive ways of managing and improving their overall wellbeing. This group programme aims to encourage participants to make positive changes to their lives, develop resilience and offers support to access local services and supports.


HEADSUP gives men an opportunity to build their mental and physical fitness while developing an ability to make connections, set goals and develop a life plan to ‘get back on-track’.


The programme covers 4 elements:


  1. Wellbeing and Resilience – supports men who have been experiencing adversity to gain an understanding of mental health recovery & wellness so that they can build their resilience and respond positively to stress and stressful situations. Over the duration of the programme, participants learn to recognise the signs of stress and distress and, in turn, are supported to identify and choose more positive responses.
  2. Life Planning – enables men to find their ‘mojo – participants are supported to identify and achieve their personal goals and to access the supports and services available to them.
  3. Physical Fitness – recognising the strong correlation between good physical and mental health, participants are encouraged to move more and build on their physical fitness
  4. Positive Social Support  –  encourages men to get to know others, develop connections and supports networking


What do we provide?

We provide group work, individual work, physical fitness, social space and signposts and links to external supports and services.


How do I contact HEADUP Kildare?

You can contact us by ringing or emailing the following:

Deirdre 085 1068305


Lorna 085 8421347