Interview Preparation and Skills Workshops

These workshops are designed to  provide people with planning and  skills around  preparing   for  an interview .  They are  delivered in an informal , inclusive way to  facilitate discussion  around the interview  planning and preparation.


The 1 .5 hour workshop session covers:

  • Personal preparation for the interview
  • How to build your confidence in advance of the interview
  • Identifying your transferable skills.
  • How to talk about your ‘strengths and weaknesses’
  • Matching your skills to the job description
  • Matching your skills to the person specification.
  • Identifying how your ‘soft’ skills may complement the ‘hard skills required for the job
  • Identifying what interviewers are looking for from an interviewee
  • Understanding and preparing for a variety of interview techniques and approaches .
  • How to deal with difficult questions
  • What questions to ask and how to ask them
  • How to manage questions around gaps in your CV
  • Starting and finishing an interview confidently
  • The role of body language


Where appropriate one to one interview preparation sessions can be arranged.


Siobhan Doody King

Employment Support Worker

Siobhan Doody King