Anti-Discrimination & Respect for Diversity Workshop


 This is a Thematic workshop – Not currently available – Check our Social Media for Current Courses


These workshops are aimed for members of community, sport and youth group/organisations and will cover the following topics:

  • Celebrating diversity by raising awareness, sharing best practices and highlighting the benefits of diversity.
  • Respecting and promoting diversity in community, sports and youth groups county-wide.
  • Effective positive integration through networking with service providers, awareness-raising workshops.
  • Describes what the terms equality and diversity mean.
  • Explore and raise awareness of effective positive integration.


This workshop will take place in various locations in County Kildare in the morning, afternoon or evening to suit the community group members in an area. The duration of the workshop is 3 hours.

These workshops are uncertified.


To get information on these workshops for your community group, or to take part locally on an arranged workshop, please contact:

Mary Hennessy

Kildare Integration & Kildare Traveller Roma Strategies Co-Ordinator

Mary Hennessy