Interculturalism & Anti-Racism Workshop


 This is a Thematic workshop – Not currently available – Check our Social Media for Current Courses

This workshop is for Intercultural and Community Groups from County Kildare and will cover the following topics:

The Workshop aims to explore the dynamic of prejudice, discrimination and racism and to help participants understand the differences between them in terms of meaning and impact on individuals & communities.

Two workshops will take place in the morning, afternoon or evening to suit the Intercultural and Community groups. The duration of the workshop is 2.5 – 3 hours.

These workshops are uncertified.


To get information on these workshops for your community group, or to take part locally on an arranged workshop, please contact Mary Hennessy.

Mary Hennessy

Kildare Integration & Kildare Traveller Roma Strategies Co-Ordinator

Mary Hennessy