Welcome to Kildare Talks

Welcome to Kildare Talks, where we listen & learn from the people who work across the county offering us guidance & support on our health & wellbeing to help us live healthy & well.

Hosted by:

Anthony O’Prey

Health Promotion Officer

*Kildare Talks have been developed and produced by the HSE Health Promotion and Improvement Team Dublin South, Kildare, West Wicklow and supported by County Kildare LEADER Partnership

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Kildare Talks – Season 1:


Kildare Talks: Episode 1 Aging with Confidence

In this podcast we discuss the (not so hidden) secrets to aging well and longevity, both with our physical health and our mental & social health. We learn what we can do to help us adjust to the process of aging and how to embrace our older years with confidence and optimism. With special guests, Denise Croke, Project Co-Ordinator of Older Voices Kildare and Karina Grehan, a Health Promotion & Improvement Officer with the HSE and qualified Physiotherapist.

Kildare Talks: Episode 2 Mens Health - Asking for Help

In this podcast we discuss a diverse range of issues which affect men and their health. We learn about some of the main cancers which typically affect some men as well as how men typically respond to health concerns, both physical and mental. With special guests, Deirdre Bigley, Co-ordinator of the HEADSUP Kildare and Dr. Una Kennedy, GP Advisor to National Cancer Control Programme

Kildare Talks: Episode 3 Teenage Girls and Sport

In this podcast we examine a question which is being asked a lot recently; why do young teenage girls leave sport? We explore possible causes, contributing factors and possible reasons with the view to seeking solutions. With special guests, Áine Lyng, Cancer Prevention Officer with the HSE National Cancer Control Programme (and former Co. Waterford Camogie Player) & Anna Deegan, Sports Hub Coordinator with Kildare Sports Partnership (and Tri-Athlon & Iron-Man competitor) . 

Kildare Talks: Episode 4 I want to Quit

In this podcast we learn about the HSE’s national Smoking Cessation programme; a free, evidence-based support programme delivered in communities throughout Ireland. We learn about the process and steps offered in a supportive, caring, non-judgemental way. With special guests, Rose-Marie Plant and Dr. Jose Ayala, Health Promotion & Improvement Officers with the HSE.

Kildare Talks: Episode 5 Mindfulness, Singing & Healthy Workplaces

In this podcast we explore the many benefits to Mindfulness and the different ways to experience it. As many companies become more interested in staff health and wellbeing, we also learn how workplace choirs, such as the HSE Harmonies Choir, can invigorate staff teams while promoting the benefits to Mindfulness. With special guests, Siobhan Mangan, HSE Senior Health Promotion Officer and Coordinator of the HSE Harmonies Staff Choir in Naas and Karl Duffy, Rural Development and Health & Wellbeing Manager with County Kildare LEADER Partnership.

Kildare Talks: Episode 6: Guided Mindfulness Meditation with Karl Duffy’

Enjoy a short 10min guided mindfulness session with Karl Duffy. Karl is a Mindfulness trainer, qualified in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) with the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Karl also maintains a blog called ‘Mindfulbalance’.

Kildare Talks: Episode 7: Big Boys don't cry (or should they?)

In this podcast we delve into some of the issues which impact men’s mental health. These include societal messages relating to what a man’s role should be and how we need to challenge these out-dated ideas. With special guest, Dr. Shane O’Donnell, a HSE Health Promotion & Improvement Officer based in County Kildare. Dr. O’Donnell has a background in men’s health focusing on mental health & suicide prevention. Dr. O’Donnell also works as a researcher in the National Centre of Men’s Health in I.T. Carlow.

If you want to get in touch with any of the services represented on Kildare Talks, please contact Catherine Connolly, Communications Officer:
Email:  catherine@countykildarelp.ie
Call/WhatsApp: 086-0363685