Laura Whelan is our co-ordinator of the Ability Programme in Co. Kildare. The aim of the Ability Programme is to support young people, aged 16-19 years, with a disability who are not in education, training or employment.


I checked in with Laura to see what they had planned for the week ahead as despite the strange times we are currently experiencing, all of the County Kildare LEADER Partnership programmes are still running as usual albeit in a different format or using very innovative ways of supporting the young people.


The Ability Programme are hosting virtual cooking lessons starting next week. The participants will learn to make healthy wholesome food on a budget. These are important life skills and a good way to keep busy and learn something new during our time in isolation. In our first week the group will be making Pasta bake, pizza, quesadillas, pizza, flapjacks and bread all for less than €10. Laura will safely deliver the ingredients to the participants – and then host a ZOOM group meeting with them so they can all cook together.  Everything looks so delicious I cannot ait to see the follow up pictures from next week.


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