International Men’s Health week runs from Monday 15th June and culminates with Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June. A week for all men to pause, reflect and consider their Physical and Mental Health, Book that appointment with the Doctor or Dentist, Physio or Therapist ……things you have been avoiding.

A very insightful piece written by Mick Osborne ……….



21st Century Man

What does the man of today look like, is he the chiselled, tattooed six pack man or the sensitive, caring, in touch with his emotions person with a feminine side? We all have visions of what the man of today should be but what do you as a man think you should be?

Heroes and role models are people we look up to, perhaps we try to imitate them, follow their fashion, admire what they have achieved and try to emulate them, however we are constantly being told to look like Zac Efron, George Clooney, Chris or Liam Hemsworth, and to be as fit as Ronaldo. There is an expectation that the man of today should be all of the above and more but the reality is that the only person we can be is ourselves.

We cannot be anybody else, we in being ourselves are unique, individual and unrepeatable, in the history of the world there has never been another you, there will never be another you, you can only be you. And if you think about it that is amazing, you are the only person who can think like you, act like you, feel like you and be you. You cannot be anyone else, the world puts pressure on you through advertising to be somebody else but you can only be yourself.

So you are important and you need to take care of you, physically, mentally and emotionally. As this is International Men’s Health Week how can you take care of yourself. Here are a few things to do that may help.

Eat Healthily

Drink Responsibly

Exercise daily

Have a routine around sleep

Take some time out

Recognise your achievements on the day and not your omissions or failures

Ask yourself are your thoughts real

Deep Breathing Exercises (In for 4, hold for 4 and out for 8)

Avoid the news every hour on the hour

Share concerns with someone

Don’t be afraid to seek help

Volunteer, join a Men’s Shed – THe mens Sheds in Kildare are as follows:

Athy, Clane, Maynooth, Kilcock, Naas, Monasterevin, Newbridge, Kill and District, Rathangan, Sallins, Leixlip, Johnstown Bridge,

Cooleragh Staplestown and Celbridge.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day how many do you keep for yourself? Your seconds are taken by family, friends, work, neighbours, television, traffic and so on and we are left with very few for ourselves.

Use your time wisely and look after your own well being because …… is important to Be Yourself.


Mick Osborne is our Wellbeing Tutor and Employment Support Worker In County Kildare LEADER Partnership.

He is resilient, funny, charismatic and always there to support, give advice and lend a listening ear

To contact Mick please email,  or Call: 045-895450