The Central Statistics Office has today published Census 2022 Profile 7: Employment, Occupations and Commuting –

Profile 7 looks at the topics of Employment, Unemployment and Commuting providing statistics, analysis and data tables.  The report looks at people at work or unemployed, occupations and industrial sectors as well as the commuting patterns of workers, students and children in school or childcare.

This profile shows that almost 194,400 people living in the county in April 2022 were aged 15 and over and of these more than 114,800 people were at work. This was an increase of 20% (from more than 95,900 people recorded as working in Census 2016).

The press statement for Kildare is available here –

The national press statement is available here –

Press statements for the other counties are available here –

The Census 2022 Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) are also available and include Census 2022 results, across all 15 themes, for a range of geographies including town, local electoral area, electoral divisions, counties and provinces.

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