Covid Update Kildare Residents free from Restriction

Government statement on COVID-19 restrictions in Kildare

From Department of the Taoiseach

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The government has decided today (31 August 2020) that the specific public health measures introduced in Kildare on 7 August will be lifted with immediate effect.

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) met earlier and reviewed the epidemiological situation in Kildare and confirmed that it continues to improve and is now broadly similar to that across the country.

The rolling 5-day average in Kildare is 10.8 cases as of 29 August. This compares to a 5-day average of 22.2 cases in Kildare on 6 August. 75 cases were notified in Kildare in the week to 29 August. This compares to 238 cases notified in the week to 8 August, 170 cases in the week to 15 August, and 159 cases in the week to 22 August.

The number of cases attributable to community transmission or possible community transmission in Kildare over the past 14 days (16 to 29 August) has been 36%. Nationally, the community transmission/possible community transmission rate also stands at 36%.

As the epidemiological situation both nationally and in Kildare are broadly similar, there is no longer a rationale for a differentiated approach between Kildare and the rest of the country.

The government recognises the very significant impact of the measures on individuals, communities and businesses in Kildare over the past three weeks, and acknowledges that the improved situation has been due to the willingness of everyone to adhere to the public health guidance and measures implemented.

While the situation in Kildare has improved, the national situation remains uncertain and the government continues to stress the importance of adhering to the public health advice and guidance to stop the spread of the virus.

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