Finding your Feet is course is aimed at someone who is trying to Find their feet and follow the pathway back to work – either by gaining a new skill that’s required for the workplace or to develop the confidence to come back into the workplace after a long absence.

Some of the  on the course include: (Depending on participant requirements)

  • Building Self Esteem
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Move for your health – (Gentle Exercise routine)
  • Certified Manual Handling Course
  • Certified First Aid Course
  • Interview Skills Workshop
  • Healthy Food Made Easy

A Finding Your Feet Programme Group gave us some feedback:

This programme saw people from all stages of life coming together in a room for the first time, not knowing each other. The cohort of individuals ranged from parents that had grown up children and were now trying to carve a life for themselves outside the home to retired individuals, to carers for family members and individuals that were starting out on their career path not knowing where to start or having the confidence to so.

Over the four weeks that these individuals sat together they had many discussions, gave their opinions and expertise to each other, and became a unit. At the end of the programme some decided that they did not want the friendship and bond that was created to end, and so they set up their own WhatsApp group. This all happened about eighteen months ago and this group are still going strong. They have remained in contact and were support and encouragement to each other, especially through the last few months. Small morning affirmations and uplifting words and pictures were passed through this group and one lady declaring that the connection helped them through these uncertain times.

This small group that started out signing up for a four week “Personal Development” course have gained much more than any tutor could ever have taught and continue to learn and grow and be each other’s continuous support. Friendships and bonds were created that will no doubt last long into the future.

Theresa Kelly, our SICAP Employment Support Worker worked on this Finding Your Feet Programme.

If you need any information or would like to take part in a finding your feet programme please do not hesitate to contact her on :  or give her a call on 086 0257061