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Get support to find a job

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At Intreo, we know that searching for your first job or looking for a new job can be challenging. Intreo is here to help you!

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the working lives of thousands of people in Ireland. We offer a wide range of supports to help you on your journey to employment:

  • Advice and support in developing a curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Gaining important work experience
  • Finding suitable training
  • Upskilling through education
  • Deciding to work for yourself
  • Moving to a new job

Getting ready to find a job

Whether you are searching for your very first job, a person with many years of work experience or returning to the job market after a long time, Intreo can help.

Intreo (the Irish Public Employment Services) is a single point of contact for all employment and income supports and services.

Consider your skills, experience, ambition and interests and what you want to achieve. Your local Intreo Centre can help with advice and practical support, and help you take the first steps.

Applying for jobs

Do you need help preparing your CV? You might not have prepared one for a long time and do not know where to start.

What about a cover letter to a potential employer?

Do you have your CV ready and need help in searching for a job?

And how about preparing for an upcoming interview?

To find out more, visit our dedicated webpage on the JobsIreland website.

Training and education

Are you considering a training course, or thinking about going back to education?

You can continue to receive certain social welfare payments while undertaking training and education programmes; from short term courses to part-time and full-time education.

To find out more about the department’s financial supports to access training or education visit our dedicated webpage.


There is a wide range of apprenticeships available these days, from Insurance degrees to becoming an electrician. These structured training programmes are an ideal way to earn as you learn, develop your career and gain a qualification.

Find out more at

Work experience

Intreo can help you access a range of work experience programmes. You can gain valuable experience to help you move to a new job.

Youth Employment Support Scheme (YESS)

If you are a young person (aged 18-24) who is unemployed and receiving certain social welfare payments you can apply to the Youth Employment Support Scheme. This scheme will give you an opportunity to learn basic work and social skills in a supportive environment while on a work placement.

This scheme is due to close this year and will be replaced by a new Work Placement Experience Programme.

Community Employment Programme (CE)

The Community Employment Programme helps long-term jobseekers get back to work by offering part-time and temporary placements in jobs in local communities.

This experience is of value to the community and provides you with real work experience.


TÚS (community work placement initiative) is a work placement scheme providing short-term working opportunities for unemployed people.

Rural Social Scheme

The Rural Social Scheme provides a supplementary income for farmers and fishermen or women that provide services that benefit rural communities, and are unable to earn an adequate living.

Voluntary Work Option

The Voluntary Work Option allows jobseekers to work in the voluntary sector. If you want to do voluntary work and continue to get a jobseeker’s payment, you must apply before starting.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities in Ireland

JobsIreland connects people looking for work with potential employers throughout Ireland. It links anyone who is looking for employment, or thinking about changing job or career direction with employers who are advertising vacancies and actively hiring. Find out more at

JobsPlus is an incentive for employers that encourages and rewards them to employ jobseekers on the Live Register. You might want to share this information with an employer.

Job opportunities throughout Europe

Have you ever considered working in another European country?

Do you know that there are thousands of job opportunities across Europe?

Discover jobs and get practical information and advice on living and working in another European country.

Find out more about the supports EURES Ireland can offer you.

Supports to start your own business

Intreo can support your income while you get your business off the ground. There are other government supports to help you grow and manage your business. To find out more about these supports visit our dedicated webpage.

Other resources

Benefit of Work Estimator

Benefit of Work Estimator for jobseekers and people receiving One-Parent Family payments

The Benefit of Work Estimator for jobseekers and people receiving One-Parent Family payments shows how starting work or increasing your work hours could affect your income, leaving most people better off financially.

Many people don’t know that when returning to work, they may qualify for or keep a range of supports such as Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment, One-Parent Family Payment, and Working Family Payment, depending on their income level and family circumstances. For more information visit our dedicated webpage.

Benefit of Work Estimator for people getting a Disability or Illness Payment

If you receive a disability payment, and are starting work or returning to work full-time or part-time after receiving an Illness payment, we have a Benefit of Work Estimator for you.

This shows what benefits you may be able to qualify for or keep when you return to work. To find out more information about these supports visit our dedicated webpage.

Medical cards and working

If you are unemployed and you are returning to full-time or part-time work, you may be able to keep your medical card. Visit the HSE website for more details.

Contact your local Intreo for advice

You can find out more information by contacting your local Intreo Centre.

In line with public health guidelines we suggest that you make contact by email or telephone to minimise visits to Intreo Centres.

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