In these challenging times, it is hard for some people to keep their spirits up and be happy creative and inspiring. Community Spirit has really rallied with the launch of the Community Call, and everyone is thinking of innovative ways to help and share the wonderful talents they have

It’s hard to put a name community spirit as it encompasses many things from helping, sharing, inspiring, creativity, and the art of kindness. But there’s a different type of art that’s sweeping across the Curragh at the moment that has really caught our imagination here at County Kildare LEADER Partnership that I had to share with everyone today 😊  I had the opportunity this morning to speak with local community artist, Anita Kinsella, her and her very talented daughter Amy, had a fantastic idea to raise the spirits of the community in Newbridge and surrounding 2 km area. The name of their wonderful idea is very simply called “Paint a Rock” and literally is Just that …….. A small poster stands on the edge of the road, in the curragh (Please see location map)  with a few simple instructions,  collecting your rock, painting a rock and leaving it for others to enjoy! Please see the wonderful gallery of rocks that have been painted so far. But what had started out as a small beginning has now bloomed into a row of carefully designed, carefully loved, little individual rocks on the edge of the Curragh – Anita remarks …. It is absolutely amazing to see how people have added to the rocks and the range of beautiful Designs, I love colour, and myself and Amy both love to paint, we thought that in some small way in these tough times we would be able to bring a smile to peoples faces. It’s very easy to do, so relaxing and a load of fun.

The rocks are left with best intentions are left with much love too for others to share, someone “borrowed” a minion and hopefully that might find its way back – Sharing wonderful memories for small ones as they visit too – well worth a view when you are on your daily walk. Anita and Amy collect rocks to leave a new bunch of new rocks by the poster each day and people have been taking them to design their own. They cannot wait to see the new ones over the next few days 😊

Paint a Rock can be found on Facebook where you can view all the wonderful rocks that were painted and maybe get some inspiration to add your own

But for the moment there are some of Anita and Amy’s amazing designs