The Government announced on October 27th the details of the new LEADER Programme for 2023-2027 with an indicative budget for Kildare of €5.4 million from 2023 – 2027. This marks an increase from the 2014 programme and reflects the good work done by County Kildare Leader Partnership as the Implementing Partner for the Programme, alongside Kildare County Council and the LCDC.  We have been very happy to support the ideas and initiatives generated by individuals and communities in the areas of enterprise, tourism, social inclusion, community facilities and the environment. It also is a testament to the strategic approach taken in developing initiatives such as the Barrow Blueway Economic Plan.

While the overall LEADER funding shows an ongoing decline in investment in rural communities, CKLP is very proud of the results delivered under the LEADER Programme in Kildare over the last 25 years and look forward to building on these initiatives and on the strong working partnership which has developed between County Kildare Leader Partnership, Kildare County Council and the LCDC to deliver the many benefits of the Programme for the county. The €5.4 million investment will support locally-led rural development and enterprise projects over the next 4 years.

The Government announcement set out the process for the delivery of the new Programme, including a first phase to select eligible groups. A new rural revitalization Plan will then be developed to cover 2023 – 2027 and will work alongside other strategic initiatives and policies in the county to ensure an integrated and coordinated support for rural communities and enterprises.