Our shout out this Friday goes to our colleague Adrian Brown.

Adrian, TUS Coordinator  has been doing amazing work for everyone of his 50+ colleagues since the virus outbreak. Along with checking in with all of his own participants on the Tus Scheme, He has been working tirelessly in facilitating all staff with their various programmes sending out information as and when required, he has helped the Coordinator of the Ability programme Laura Whelan to deliver food packs to the Ability programme participants, he has undertaken work on a voluntary basis for the Meals on Wheels initiative  and also the fact that he has been in the office sorting out post and sending out information for the various programmes too. Adrian is keeping us all on our toes and when we need to get information to our clients, participants and agencies. Adrian is also our Safety Officer and he is busy risk assessing and making sure everything is running smoothly and safely. We can even see the wonderful smile on his face, and we miss you loads ….. Not all Heroes are wear capes  🙂