Kildare LEADER Impact Report Launch


The LEADER (Rural Development) Programme 2014-2020 in County Kildare supports communities and individuals in the development of vibrant rural communities across the county.

All across county Kildare there are creative individuals and local communities with ideas and ambition for their futures.

LEADER is proud to work with these ideas which will help transform their lives and promote rural and local development into the future, be it in the areas of enterprise, farm diversification, tourism, community facilities, greater inclusion or the environment.

LEADER have just released their Kildare LEADER Programme Impact Report and we are delighted to share it with you today .

See the wonderful work, amazing projects and dedicated people and communities behind some of the LEADER Funded Projects in Kildare

Click here to see the KIldare LEADER Impact Report November 2020:

Kildare LEADER Programme Impact Report