Kildare PPN Climate Action Weekend

27th – 29th of November 2020


Climate Action is an increasing focus of concern for everyone. And often the solution to concern is action – this Kildare PPN Climate Action Event aims to highlight all the different ways to get involved and to feel positive about our contribution to change. From recycling to sustainable energy to local food, we can all work together to tackle this and build resilience.


Resilient Local Communities

with Davie Philips


This period of extraordinary change is an opportunity to nurture our resilience and ensure that the places we live are vibrant, innovative and can provide livelihoods that sustain us. Davie Philip will give a presentation on the concept of Community Resilience and lead a discussion on what we can cooperatively do in our local communities to adapt positively to the challenges we face.


Friday 27th November at 07:30pm


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Lets Talk Climate Action

with Gavin Harte from ESD Training


Let’s Talk Climate Action will be presented by Gavin Harte, Sustainability Consultant, Climate Action Coach and Environmental Activist.

This webinar will cover the terminology and science behind Climate Change and address why we need to act now.


Saturday 28th November at 11:00am


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Sustainable Energy Communities

with Emer Conway, Kildare SEC Mentor


The purpose of this information session is to introduce you to the sustainable energy communities network & to see what benefits & supports they can bring.

The event will be facilitated by Emer Conway who is the SEAI Community Energy Mentor in Kildare.

This program aims to drive energy efficiency & smart energy use nationwide & is a key component of the Kildare County Council Climate Change Adaption Strategy 2019-2024.

Come along to hear more about this exciting new initiative in Kildare & change the way your community thinks about energy.


Saturday 28th September at 2:00pm


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Climate Action Weekend Podcast Series

with Kilcullen Diary Podcasts


Brian Byrne of Kilcullen Diary Podcasts will be delivering a 3 part Climate Action podcast series where he talks with 3 different social enterprises and businesses in Kildare who are doing their part for Climate Action.


First episode will be available from Friday the 27th of November


Kilcullen Diary Podcast Channel


Waste Reduction and Recycling Workshop

with Dara Wyer KCC Environment Officer


Available from Sunday 29th November at 12:00am



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More events to be announced shortly. Please keep an eye on our Website or Facebook page for updates.


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