Due to Covid-19, many fundraising events that community groups and charities rely on to carry out their activities throughout the year have sadly been cancelled.

A number of Kildare PPN member groups provided vital services supporting vulnerable people in their community at their own expense.

As a lot of their member groups depended heavily on fundraising events, some groups may now need urgent donations to maintain their services/activities.

County Kildare Leader Partnership and Kildare Public Participation Network are running a campaign on KFM starting Wednesday 24th June highlighting this, and will be asking members of the public to support the local community groups with their up and coming fundraisers.

Kildare PPN have set up a dedicated fundraising page on their website to highlight and promote organisations/community groups where income coming from fundraising has been seriously affected by the COVID 19 crisis.

If you would like Kildare PPN to feature your organisations fundraiser on their fundraising page, with details on how members of the public can donate/support your group/organisation, please visit their website and fill out the form at the following link: