Members of the National Roma Network have come together to create two short films about the COVID 19 vaccine. These videos were supported by HSE Social Inclusion.

As part of the National Roma Network, Pavee Point hopes that these videos provide clear information from trusted people who work with the Roma community and encourages Roma to take the vaccine.

All videos are available in English, Romanian, Czech, and Slovak languages. Please see all videos below.

Our Kildare Roma Employment Support Worker Adriana took part in some of the videos:

You can watch the first video here:

Also available in RomanianSlovak, and Czech languages

Please click on the image below for video 2:

The video is also available in RomanianSlovak, and Czech languages

Here, Adriana, Roma Employment Worker at County Kildare Leader Partnership, tells us why she was glad to take the vaccine

Also available in RomanianSlovak, and Czech languages

Here, Patricia, Community Outreach Worker with Daughters of Charity Community Services, tells us about her experience of taking the vaccine

Video is also available in Romanian, Slovak, and Czech languages

Joleen, Roma community development worker with Donegal Travellers Project, tells us why she had the COVID 19 vaccine

Also available in Romanian, Slovak, and Czech languages