Laura Kelly from the Youth Employment Services in SICAP has recently launched a new initiative with her participants in her group.

It is called the 5 for €25, She prepares five recipes for €25 and cooks with the members of the group.

The packs are prepared each week, Laura packs all the ingredients needed for each recipe, she makes 22 packs in total .. and with the help of our Tus Supervisors, they are giving Laura a hand to deliver the food packs each week to the participants, throughout South Kildare, following all social distancing guidelines.

When everyone has their pack of ingredients Laura then hosts her Zoom session and demonstrates how each meal can be made. The participants are really enjoying trying all the new recipes and have sent Laura pictures of their finished dishes.

If you would like to try some of Laura’s recipes she has also put them all together in the NO FUSS COOKBOOK – which can be accessed by clicking here:

5 for €25 No Fuss Cook Book By County Kildare LEADER Partnership


Examples of last weeks Burgers and Wedges Meal:



To find out about Laura’s Programme please see