During COVID 19 community and voluntary groups in County Kildare have played a huge role in supporting the most vulnerable in our communities, delivering food and medicines and checking in on neighbours who were cocooning and alone.

The groups involved bore the cost of providing these services even though their own fundraising events were cancelled.

With depleted funds they now need your help.

County Kildare LEADER Partnership and Kildare Public Participation Network are asking you to support your local voluntary groups with their fundraising over the coming weeks.

Voluntary groups in Kildare depend on your support to provide a whole range of services like meals on wheels, day care centres, food and shelter, family support services as well as places for sporting, cultural and recreational activities.

Why not organise a fundraiser and donate to your local community group?

Please show your appreciation by giving generously when you are asked to do so. Stay safe and support your local community. 


Check the interactive map at: www.kildareppn.ie –

Community Groups Providing Support

to see groups in your area who would appreciate any financial support you can offer.


Here is the link to the fundraising page –





This advertisement and campaign  is funded by: County Kildare LEADER Partnership and Kildare Public Participation Network.

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