On 30 June the Minister for Education announced that there would be adjustments made to the assessment arrangements for students due to sit State examinations in 2022, to take account of the disruption to their learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The level of adjustment will be similar to that applied by the Assessment Arrangements For Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Examinations 2021 , as announced in December 2020.

A revised document, with changes to reflect syllabus content specific to the 2022 State Examinations will be published in July and will be made available here and provided to schools.

The adjustments to be put in place will play to student strengths by leaving intact the familiar overall structure of the examinations, while incorporating additional choice for students in the examinations.

There will be no change to the length of the written examinations.

It is also proposed that an alternative set of Leaving Certificate examinations will be run in 2022, shortly following the main set of examinations. These examinations will be limited to certain categories of students, such as those that experience a close family bereavement, COVID-19 illness and certain other categories of serious illness, during the first examination period.

All arrangements for the 2022 state examinations will be guided by prevailing public health advice at the time.

Read the full announcement here.