Here are some helpful tips to stay positive at this time 




Keep in touch, with Friends and family, make a call or two a day for a five or ten minute chat. It will ease you mind to know they are safe


Woman running


Keep active. … There are many keep fit classes and exercises you can do online and don’t forget we have our FREE 2km distance around our houses, go for a nice fresh walk and air out those lungs.





Try to eat well, and keep to your regular eating routine , breakfast dinner tea and snack.



Glass of milk    Drink sensibly. … try to keep topped up with fluids, and if you are drinking drink in moderation


Personal computer   Maybe learn a new skill. There are many new online courses, ebooks, and training that is available.
Happy man raising one hand If you need help, ask for it Community Call is available , and there are many organisations available to help if you are struggling.


Thumbs up   Take a break during the day …. whether you are working home or at home  – go outside , listen to the birds sit in the garden and recharge

Raising hands   Do something you’re good at, draw, write, sing, dance, walk, kick a ball, read, skip, jump have fun.


Movie camera    Have a movie moment, a film you have always wanted to watch from start to end uninterrupted, snacks cozy blanket and all.