Social distancing and the subsequent cocooning measures have impacted all of us in different ways. For us, in Older Voices Kildare, it is loneliness which resents the greatest challenge. There are practical frustrations of course, but more and more we hear of the longer days bringing no joy for once, and the weeks feeling like they are unending. Since the time the restrictions were announced, our befriending service has transferred to telephone befriending, and we are now making up to 130 calls per week with the help of County Kildare LEADER Partnership staff. We have extended our working hours to seven days per week, and are trying to find new ways all the time to keep older people engaged in some form of “community”, even though the shape of community has changed significantly. We are linked in with all other services providing supports and have had many successful collaborative initiatives, which have resulted in positive outcomes for the people involved. We received this wonderful email which we are sharing with permission from the author, to try to begin to capture at least one of the positive stories from County Kildare.

Please meet Trish …………….


“I am Trish,  I am 61 years old. I was born  with many complex and sometimes very difficult  disabilities.  I  was born with cerebral palsy.  I am also  quadriplegia and paraplegic and from  time to time I am deaf, like  now, cause I  cannot go to the clinic  to have the treatment  I badly  require  at this time, sadly as you can imagine  the isolation and lockdown have had a very big impact on my life.  Sue from Older Voices rings  or messages, as does Denise  

Yesterday I was at home not knowing  where to turn. I was having trouble trying to get shopping done over the phone,  as all online  slots for online  shopping  was unavailable  to till the middle  of next  week.  I couldn’t wait that long as I had nothing simply nothing in the house to eat I was on the verge of tears when Sue rang me for a chat  

I unburdened myself to Sue, and without a moment hesitation Sue rang the supermarket on my behalf  and told them my circumstances and Sue got a great driver to collect  my shopping  and leave it outside  for me. When Sue came to my rescue, I was able to pull myself together and Sue was able to pull it together so fast I was over-come with gratitude and total relief it  meant  I could  relax.

Sue and Older Voices rings us every week if it was not for these phone calls from Sue and Denise I simply couldn’t cope.  Getting the phone calls or in my case messages to older voices they are the only human voices I would hear”


Trish also gave Denise a really lovely piece that she had written herself – to say Thank you

Older voices untied together during Cova19 together but yet apart
There to listen
There to hear all our worries
All our concerns
To lend a helping hand from a far
Help with your shopping
And help to erase our mind and hearts
To bring a smile to our safest smiles
Older voices ready to go that extra mile for you for me for everyone who may need an open mind and heart
Older voices in our darkest hours they bring a burst of sunshine to our lives
Be it practical help or someone just needing a pick me up cheery word
When its whispered words to encourage us on together we can do this while physically we are apart
Older voices the essence of sanaty in a world that’s full with fear
Older voices will lend you some cheer so come one everyone let’s clap and cheer to the unsung heroes our listening ears our strong hearts or reasons of hope let’s clap let’s bang let’s raise our voices on song to give praise and such great thanks our unsung heroes older voices Kildare there for you there for me socially apart but joined together by thankful hearts

Written by Trish Keane


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