Dillon Lahart is one of the new participants in the recent Youth Employment Programme run by SICAP Employment Support Workers Laura Kelly and Mary Byrne.

He has very kindly allowed us to share the delicious meal he prepared from the Cookery Section of the programme that he is undertaking at the moment.

This time in the Cookery programme, Laura and her participants are following the recipes from the 101 Square meals Cookbook (Which can be downloaded at the bottom of this post).

The cookery programme helps participants learn to create wonderful healthy meals for their families and friends, using a budget and easy to follow recipes.

Mary remarked,

“It’s great to see the participants learn new skills and a great achievement cooking a whole meal by themselves”

Well done Dillon – We will all be around for dinner soon – !

If you would like to find out more about Laura’s Youth Employment Programme – or any SICAP Youth Employment Services – Please click here:


If you would like to download the cookbook – please do so here :

101 Square Meals Cookbook

If you would like to follow the recipe  – You can watch it here !