County Kildare LEADER Partnership welcomes White Paper on Ending Direct Provision


County Kildare LEADER Partnership has welcomed the launch of the White Paper on Ending Direct Provision. “As a local development company that has worked alongside and supported people seeking asylum for many years, we have seen the challenges faced by individuals and families living in institutionalised and congregated environments. We welcome the commitment to end Direct Provision and replace it with a supportive and responsive system based on a not-for-profit approach as outlined in the While Paper” stated Pat Leogue, General / Social Inclusion Manager with County Kildare LEADER Partnership.

County Kildare LEADER Partnership is collaborating with Kildare County Council and a wide range of local agencies and service providers to develop a new Kildare Integration Strategy 2020 – 2024.  Many of the issues addressed in the White Paper have emerged during the consultation phase for the Strategy and through the ongoing work with asylum seekers and refugees that is supported by the Asylum and Migrant Integration Fund of the Department of Children Equality Disability Integration and Youth. These supports include pre-employment training supports, organisation of intercultural events, asylum seeker community group support, information provision and one to one support provided through a dedicated Integration Worker.

“We welcome the commitment of the White Paper to develop a system which recognises and protects the human rights of individuals and families and will provide the necessary supports in this country and in particular in County Kildare for those seeking international protection “concluded Mr. Leogue.


For further information please contact Anne Daly Inclusion Strategies Coordinator