Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys, today (Thursday 26 January) announced the details of the successful applicants who will run the next LEADER programme 2023-2027.

County Kildare LEADER Partnership, CLG, is delighted that the current partnership arrangement in Kildare has been recognised for the success of the previous programme 2014 – 2022 and has been asked to design the Plan for the next Programme.

Once again,  County Kildare Leader Partnership will be the Implementing Partner for the Programme, in partnership with Kildare County Council and the LCDC.  In County KIldare LEADER Partnership,  we have been proud to support the ideas and initiatives generated by individuals and communities in the areas of enterprise, tourism, social inclusion, community facilities and the environment. The Increased funding which LEADER has received in Kildare is  also a testament to the strategic approach the partners have taken in developing initiatives such as the Barrow Blueway Economic Plan, Social Enterprise training and Environmental and Climate Action initiatives.

County KIldare LEADER Partnership looks forward to building on these initiatives to deliver the many benefits of the Programme for Kildare. The next stage in the process is the development of a new Local Development Strategy (LDS) and rural revitalisation Plan which will be written over the next few months. This will cover the period 2023 – 2027 and will work alongside other strategic initiatives and policies in the county to ensure an integrated and coordinated support for rural communities and enterprises.

The voice of local communities will be central to the development of this plan, taking full and comprehensive consideration of the needs and challenges in each area but also the strengths and potential which exists in our communities.

As Minister Humphreys stated announcing the selection results : “For over 30 years, the LEADER programme has been hugely effective in delivering locally-led projects that have brought major benefits to communities across Rural Ireland. LEADER operates on a bottom-up approach, which empowers local communities to deliver projects that will contribute greatly to revitalise rural Ireland’s towns and villages.  I would encourage communities across the country to get involved in the development of the LEADER strategies to help ensure that LEADER can continue to deliver projects and initiatives that are directly linked to local needs and priorities.”