Celebrating #LEADER Rathcoffey GAA Club

One of our #LEADER Projects here in Kildare – Rathcoffey GAA has been nominated by NRN (National Rural Network) as part of the Celebrating LEADER Campaign.

Rathcoffey GAA and volunteers received funding for a Community Walkway, which adds huge benefit to the community, especially in the winter months, a safe place for all the community to exercise together during lockdown.

To lend our continual support the project we are asking if everyone could please log on and place your vote for them.

Here is the link: https://bit.ly/3msZv04 and the project : https://bit.ly/2HLfhoa

We would like to wish John Cleary and all the Volunteers in Rathcoffey GAA the very best of luck, in the competition.