The County Kildare Local Economic and Community Plan 2023-2029 is a crucial roadmap that will pave the way for the economic and community development of the county for the next six years. As a strategic document, it outlines the priorities, objectives, and initiatives that will drive growth, sustainability, and inclusivity in Kildare. To ensure that this plan is truly representative of the needs and aspirations of the entire community, the Kildare County Council is actively seeking input from its residents. This is a remarkable opportunity for the citizens of Kildare to have their voices heard and contribute to shaping the future of their county.

Embracing Public Participation

The success of any community development plan lies in its inclusivity, and Kildare County Council recognizes the importance of involving all its people. Irrespective of background, profession, or age, every resident of Kildare is encouraged to actively participate in the process. By gathering diverse perspectives, the plan will be more robust and comprehensive, catering to the needs of various segments of the community.

Online Survey: Share Your Vision

The County Council has devised a convenient and accessible method for gathering public input: an online survey. By simply visiting the provided link (, residents can complete the survey in just 5-10 minutes.

The survey covers a range of topics related to economic and community development, seeking feedback on various issues such as job creation, infrastructure, healthcare, education, housing, and more.

Anonymity Ensured

The Council emphasises that all responses to the survey are completely anonymous. This anonymity encourages honest and open feedback, enabling residents to express their opinions without any reservations. Participants can share their experiences, challenges, and aspirations, knowing that their identity will remain confidential.

Importance of Community Input

Why is public participation so important in shaping the County Kildare Local Economic and Community Plan? Simply put, the success and relevance of the plan are contingent on its alignment with the actual needs and desires of the community it aims to serve. By actively involving the public, the Council gains insights into the challenges faced by the residents, the opportunities that are essential for growth, and the areas that need urgent attention.

Beyond that, community input ensures that the plan becomes a collective vision for the county’s future, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among its residents. When people feel that their voices matter, they are more likely to engage in local initiatives and contribute to the growth and well-being of the community as a whole.

Transparency and Accountability

Additionally, the Kildare County Council’s commitment to public input reflects its transparency and accountability as a governing body. By actively seeking feedback and making the plan accessible to all, the Council demonstrates its dedication to serving the public’s interests. This level of transparency fosters trust and enhances the relationship between the community and its local government.

The County Kildare Local Economic and Community Plan 2023-2029 is more than just a document; it is a collective vision for the future of Kildare. To ensure that this vision truly represents the aspirations of its residents, the County Council calls upon everyone to participate in the survey and contribute their valuable insights. By actively engaging in this process, the community of Kildare can create a plan that addresses its unique challenges and embraces its promising opportunities, ultimately leading to a more vibrant, prosperous, and inclusive county for all. Let your voice be heard; together, let’s shape the future of County Kildare.

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