The Plant Propagation Course was completed in Kildare Community Development Centre, yesterday.

Covering the following topics:

  • Mix compost to a specified content for germinating seedlings, striking cuttings and re potting plants

  • Propagate plants from seed to include sowing in seed trays

  • Differentiate between softwood, semi hardwood and hardwood cuttings to include both nodal and inter nodal types and when they may be used.

  • Propagate plants by cuttings, division and layering

  • Identify a range of plants that can be propagated by different methods

  • Maintain plants after they have been propagated to include potting up, lining out, hardening-off, plant health and hygiene practices

  • Operate within appropriate safety procedures to create and maintain a safe working environment including safety standards regarding lifting, carrying and handling plants, tools and equipment.


This was a QQI Level 4 – Certified Course, with participants being assessed on their knowledge and skill at the end . Participants really enjoyed the course and hope to follow on with training in this area.