The SICAP Supporting Communities Staff Team  have been linking in and collaborating with local communities in Co Kildare throughout this unprecedented time and is delighted to report a Good News Initiative from the farming Community.

If this pandemic has thought society anything, it has forced society to slow down, reflect and take note of what is happening around us. We have learned that the world does not resolve around people as individuals but that we are united in our communities. Within the different communities we live in our natural instincts have kicked in for us to protect and nurture the most vulnerable members of our communities. The strength, resilience, and compassion that communities and in particular the younger members of these communities have shown during this time has been remarkable.

With restrictions in place and the cocooning initiate introduced for people over seventy years, young farmers in one North Kildare community have come forward to support the local farmers most in need. Every day the young men continue to feed and herd the livestock on the out farms and drop in fuel and groceries to the farmhouse when needed. When asked why they choose to do this.

“The most valuable resource that all farmers have are each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives

The young men have said that they will continue to look after and support the farming community and any vulnerable members of their local community for as long as they are wanted and needed.

If you need to contact our Community Support Worker for North KIldare Linda – please email or Phone 086-6060012.