Supporting your child at home

Being around each other 24/7, especially if that is not your normal pattern, can be stressful and cause tensions to rise.

To avoid daily battles, here are some simple tips to keep everyone on good terms:

  • keep to a schedule and routine – It will help your child to feel more secure if they know what they will be doing next and when
  • understand that they might be anxious and fearful about the current situation. Talk to them, acknowledge their fears and reassure them
  • make sure they get good quality sleep – it’s important that they go to bed around the same time as they would if they were still going to school
  • your children need to be active every day. All activity, no matter how short, counts – whether it’s going for a walk, a scoot or active play at home
  • make time for yourself everyday – even if it’s just a few minutes
  • try to play with your children everyday – for example getting down on the floor with them, playing with “Lego” or even colouring pictures together. You can build a strong relationship with your child through playing with them
  • parent positively – praise your child when you notice good behaviours, no matter how small
  • ignore minor misbehaviours, once your child or others are not being put at risk. If minor misbehaviour continues, or is more serious, you will need to act. Try not to shout. If you react calmly your child is more likely to react calmly in future. A firm explanation is usually more effective
  • let them make some of their own decisions. This will increase confidence, independence and let them learn from mistakes
  • pick your battles – Don’t try to change everything. Small changes can make a big difference
  • know there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Be a good enough parent. We all learn through trial and error

For extra advice and information you can contact Parentline at 1890 927 277, Barnardos at 1800 910 123 or go to (c) 2020