I had a chat with one of our Tús Supervisors, Derek Galvin and one of his Participants Amanda Scully..

Derek is the Supervisor for the Kildare Area, and we are going to share what it is like to be a Supervisor and a participant on a Tús Scheme.

Derek shares his beginnings in Tús with us :

I was a Supervisor for nearly 20 years in the building industry and when the recession hit us hard in 2008,  I lost my job. When I was out of work I did a TUS work placement programme for 12 months at my local soccer club through County Kildare LEADER Partnership. I was cutting grass , cleaning the club house , marking the pitches, helping at soccer camps etc with the soccer club. It got me out of the house, I met new people, who I am still friends with to this day. I was doing something to help and be part of my community. My Tus supervisor at the time told me there was a new position for another Tus supervisor coming up in the Kildare Town Area, which I applied for. To cut a long story short I got the new Job. Being a Tus Supervisor  can be challenging at times but can be very rewarding,every day is a different day and no day is ever the same, which makes it a really exciting job to be in.  I really enjoy helping all the host groups in the Kildare Area and dealing with all the participants I have on my scheme. Going back 10 or 11 years ago I never thought I would end up in this line of  Community work, I have to say…… I really enjoy my Job. ☺  

Amanda Scully is one of Derek’s participants and she was delighted to share the following with us:

Hi, I am Amanda Scully and I have been on the Tús Scheme in Kildare Town Presentation Convent building, since September 2019 with the Tús Programme and I am working with tus as a cleaner. My experience in the convent has been brilliant,  due to great staff who have made me feel very welcome in the work force as I have been unemployed for over twenty years.  I enjoy going to work everyday as it has given me more confidence in myself and it’s a pleasure to work with great people. Tús thank you for employing me on your team……. it has helped me more than you can imagine ……… Amanda 

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