We have a wonderful testimonial to share with you from one of our participants on the Youth Employment Programme


“I wanted to talk about my Journey with the Youth Employment Programme, at the beginning of my Journey, I found it very challenging.


Something most people my age fine easy such as speaking within a group, working with others, time keeping and even more difficult tasks for me, basic one’s to you like saying hello was a huge difficulty to me. I couldn’t bring myself to speak, join in or even turn on the microphone or camera when on zoom.


I had many challenges to overcome, my social anxiety been on the top of my list. The confidence and self-esteem, communications and teamworking skills helped me so much in what felt like a short period of time.


Thanks to Anthony and Mary for all the wonderful support and guidance, I found the self-confidence to start to do the simple things like saying hello to the group which then led to me finding the confidence and take more control of my life,  I started by seeing a counsellor and continued my Journey with the youth employment programme,  as time went on,  I found myself been able to speak in the group and even speak and share my experience on life and it’s difficulties. The self-esteem training alongside the photography was a huge help as I discovered a more creative side of myself. 


As the programme went on, and with brilliant guidance and support from Anthony and Mary, I later found the confidence to apply for jobs, at the start I got turned down but that didn’t stop me, one of the things I learned from being with the programme is if you get turned down, that’s okay, with a positive mind frame you can do anything, so what if you fell? Get back up and try again. I told myself this and eventually found myself a job. The online courses also helped me big time, but without the support of Anthony and Mary, I don’t know where I’d be today!”


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